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366 North Broadway

Suite 410

Jericho, NY 11753

Tel: 516-942-4200

Fax: 516-938-6595


Laurel Scarr-Konel has been practicing Real Estate Law for over 28 years.

Her practice is concentrated in the areas of purchases, sales and leases of residential and commercial real estate in New York City and on Long Island - including houses, condominiums and co-ops.

She has vast experience representing both International and Domestic clients with their real estate needs.  

Ms. Scarr-Konel also prepares simple wills, health care proxies and living wills for clients, with a focus on young couples who need to provide guardianships for their children.

As a solo practitioner, Ms. Scarr-Konel delivers personal, professional, hands-on service to each of her clients.  

Se habla español.